Rev. Mons. Guzeppi Buttigieg

Mons. Guzeppi Buttigieg was born in Qala, Gozo on the 14th of April 1933. During his childhood he always showed his love to the church, people and mostly priesthood so he went to the Sacred Heart Seminary in Victoria, Gozo where he studied for priesthood. At the age of 25 he was ordained a priest on the 13th of April 1958. During his younger years as a priest, he was involved in a lot of hard work, such as the Legion o Mary (men and women), Museum Azzjoni Kattolka and mostly all his years as a preacher and doctor of Kanat for 30 years. He was also a teacher at the Licium (LICEO) for 20 years. Mons. Guzepp Buttigieg was well known not only in Malta and Gozo, but also overseas, mostly Australia and Europe, where he came to visit us seven times. In the year 1974, his holy excelency the pope by a recomondation by his excellence E.T. Mons. Michael Cauchi, Bishop of Gozo, he got the title of Monsinior on the 29-3-1974.


Mons. Guzeppi Buttigieg was loved by all, he also encouraged me (Michael Buttigieg) to establish the Qala Association in Melbourne. While on visit to Australia we met and we established an association, he celebrated a mass and a get together afterwards he was very happy that he was one of the founders resulting in him becoming a life member. He was very proud with that and he always mentioned that the association never let him down. He was always there for us although he was living in Qala, everytime a committee member went to visit, he always welcomed them in his house with an open heart. In August 2007 he got sick and on the 1st of September 2007 he passed away at 9.30am. His presence was felt not only in Qala but also in Malta and Overseas. Tthe parish of Qala and the AQA lost a really good friend.


God rest his soul.