President Michael Buttigieg

I have lived in Melbourne for 38 years, there are many migrants from Qala who have been living in Melbourne since the 1960's and 1970's. Back in those days it was very difficult to meet local friends as part of a group. But now since the formation of the Australian Qala Association it has now become possible. I started the association in 1995 but a few years later a committee was formed to start our work with people from Qala and the community. We started the first gathering with a dinner dance to celebrate our feast of our padron Saint Joseph. Then we started the family BBQ picnic which is better known as ix-xalata tal-Qala. We continue to grow through two day tours to the border of New South Wales which we have become famous for. Now our associaion is well known in Melbourne and thanks to the technology of the Internet. The AQA is also the first association who published a book to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the AQA called "A decade of the Australian Qala Association 1995-2005." For those who are interested to obtain a book please contact me on (0061 03 93674268).


I would like to thank the co founders and life members Dr. Raymond Xerri and the late Mons Joseph Buttigieg my present and past committee members (we would like to pray for our late and first vice president Joe Mizzi who woked hard to see the association become whatcome what it is today) who collectively worked hard to see the AQA emerge into a strong and effective organisation. I would also like to thank the thousands of people mainly from Qala, who expressed the unwavering support over the years and attended all our activities in there hundreds.


You really made our hard work worth while, we look forward for many more years of growth and contribution to the Gozitan people in Melbourne and Qala people around the world.



Michael Buttigieg


Australian Qala Association