Dr Raymond C. Xerri

Was born in Manhattan, New York City in the USA on the 2nd of Feburary 1969. Both his parents also came from Qala, Gozo. As a growing child he commenced his studies at the St. Joseph Primary School in New York in 1973. Then in May 1976 he continued his primary education at Qala Primary School. Then on 12/6/1986 he migrated to his birthplace to continue his education at the Jesuit Brothers Manhattan College. His studies continue till 1990 where he graduated with Honors and awarded the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations.


In 1991 he returned to Qala Gozo where he continued his studies for diplomatic at the University of Malta. He even became a Maltese citzen. In 1994 Raymond Xerri was appointed the first secretary in the Malta Diplomatic Corps. Later on he was asked to serve at the Malta High Commission in Canberra, Australia. He travelled from Sydney to Melbourne to serve and meet the Maltese Communities of the Maltese and Gozitan migrants. Before him Mons. Guzeppi Buttigieg had already established his roots with some old friends from Qala and Raymond Xerri was looking for that idea. Raymond visited us in Melbourne 28 times during his three year term in Australia. He was a really true Qali who loved his village of Qala and his people. He met with me (Michael Buttigieg) where we talked, called a meeting and established our assd our association a fer years later. He wrote a lot of books such as "Gozo and the Gozitans", "Gozitan Crossings" and "A decade of Australian Qala Association 1995-2005." He came to Melbourne in June 2005 with his family to launch the book. He is a life member with the Australian Qala Association since its beginning. At the moment Dr Raymond Xerri is living in Qala with his wife and 2 children working hard for the people of Qala and his beloved village.